Editorial Guidelines
1. Article Content
  • A. Must Have Proper English, Which Includes Proper Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, Capitalization and Sentence Structure.

  • B. Must Not be a Private Label Rights (PLR) article or Contain Unattributed Content to Which the Author Does Not Have Exclusive Rights.

  • C. Must Not be Written as a Press Release, News Article or be Time Sensitive.

  • D. Must Not Contain Self-Serving or Promotional Content in the Article Title, Body, or Summary.

  • E. Must Not Contain Negative Content Towards any Product, Company, Individual, or Group.

  • F. Must Not Contain Profanity or Pornographic Material.

  • G. Must Not Contain Illegal or Overly Controversial Content.

  • H. Must Not Contain Rehashed Content, or Material Overly Similar to your Prior Submissions.

  • I. Must Not be Formatted as a Blog Post or Read as a Personal Email, Letter or Other Correspondence.

  • J.  Must Not Contain Information that Promotes Unethical Internet Activities, Business Practices or Anything that Would Create a Poor User Experience for Web Users.

2. Author Name
  • Author Name Guidelines
3. Category

You urge you to read our Category guidelines & our terms of service

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